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Telekomunikační systémy v širokém spektru


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Company profile

B PLUS TV a.s. has been established in September 20, 1994 as a company with telecommunication services as its core business. At the beginning the company was involved in building and operating television transmitters of low power (used for local broadcasting services).

Currently our business activities focus on the following segments:

  • Television transmitters in UHF, 2.5 GHz (MMDS) & 12 GHz (MADS) bands
  • microwapp® microwave links for audio/video & data signals transmission within 10.3 & 5.8 GHz bands
  • Wireless public address systems for community radio broadcasting (compatible with civil protection warning system)
  • Camera systems for urban & industrial applications

The company's residence is Klimkovice Town, the northernmost located city of Novy Jicin district. Klimkovice Town is closely connected to the neighbouring Ostrava City, which is the capital of Moravian-Silesian region. Since 1994, when a new spa "Klimkovice Iodine Sanatorium" was completed, Klimkovice Town has become a spa town, famous for its tertiary iodine water healing various health problems.

The core business of B PLUS TV a.s. company is based on telecommunication services and other activities related. We offer import, own production, building and operating of television transmitters of low and medium power, television repeaters, multi-channel television transmitters of MADS/MMDS system, microwave links and other communication systems. We operate over 50 TV transmitters and repeaters. We also provide technical support for the local television broadcasting of LOCAL TV plus affiliate company, that holds 14 TV broadcasting licences.

Another product of B PLUS TV a.s. company is its public address system (wireless broadcasting) for towns and communities, upgrading the old cable-based systems. It has already been installed in about 80 towns and communities in Czech and Slovak Republic. Furthermore, this system can be equipped with a module compatible with civil protection warning system.